How To Book

Once a purchase is made, you will receive an email as confirmation of your booking. Nearer to the game we will send you an email confirming the Old Trafford Car Park the coach will leave from and the departure time.

One Club United is able to offer a complimentary carer/pa seat for those who have booked on and are registered disabled. This is on condition that the person has applied for amenity/wheelchair spaces with the club, has been successful in the ballot, and is registered with Manchester United as being eligible for wheelchair/amenity seating.

Therefore, on receipt of your email booking confirmation, we would like to ask those of you who have booked a static wheelchair space, or are transferring to a seat from a wheelchair (that will go underneath), or are registered disabled/having a disability with the club, to let us know by email so we can double check we have you down.

So for those of you who this applies, please send an email to: (NB: this is a new email address) with the name of the person who booked and state:

Static/fixed wheelchair add carer/pa

Transfer to seat wheelchair underneath add carer/pa

No mobility issues add carer/pa

Please note there are only a limited amount of static/fixed wheelchair spaces so these seats are booked on a first come, first served basis. The coach can take an unlimited amount of wheelchair transfers however.

We can ensure we have the correct numbers and that the coaches have the correct fixed static wheelchair points/wheelchair lifts. We will reply that we've added the pa carer place to your booking.

For child seats please enter code CHILD at the checkout and a discount of £5 will be applied. Child seat numbers and validity will be verified on the day of travel. Child discount applies to under 18's only.